Introducing CurlyWorld!

Blog by Lorraine Massey

Lorraine Massey has been an integral voice in the curl community for more than three decades, championing the case for natural hair and more—natural hair products void of any sulfates, silicones, and parabens.

In 1993, she founded Devachan the coveted curly hair salon, and a few years later created and co-founded the DevaCurl product line. Over the course of 20 years, Massey has written two critically acclaimed hair care books: Curly Girl: The Handbook and Silver Hair: A Handbook. Massey’s third book, CG Kids, and an accompanying children’s product line, is in the works and coming soon. In addition, Massey will be opening Spiral (x,y,z), a curl-centric salon and school, offering the original Curl by Curl™ classes and workshops.

As a versatile space for curl specialists and creatives to share their ideas, Lorraine has set out to create an environment where her craft and art will coexist in a physical space.

Today, Lorraine Massey is bringing her renowned curl knowledge and expertise back to life with the introduction of a brand new line of artisanal hair care products. CurlyWorld™ is a unique and transformative, all-inclusive hair care collection crafted with CURLove and is deeply personal to Lorraine. This very special collection is aimed to inspire a more natural and authentic relationship with the hair curlies were born with.

Every CurlyWorld™ product is generously infused with high quality botanicals that include Bamboo Fibers, aloe vera, coconut water, and the resurrection plant, all of which help to nourish and protect, giving you refreshingly bouncy, hydrated curls.

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