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curly hair products

If you have CURLY hair then all of the products in this collection should be on your shopping list to help get you the most sumptuous and perfect curls possible!

While the original line of products suits most curly and wavy hair types, these curly hair products have been specially formulated to address the concerns of those with a normal to relaxed curl type: 3A, 3B, 3C.

Type 3A is a loose spiral curl without a lot of shrinkage. The loop of your curl can fit around a permanent marker. Hardges warns that shampooing too frequently is not good for your hair (since it can dry your curls out), and that you should aim to shampoo every five to seven days for healthier-looking curls. Using masks or leave-ins instead of a classic conditioner is best for your hair.

Type 3B is a tighter curl, with a spring back of 1 to 2 inches that needs more TLC. A pencil can fit into your curls, but they are most likely looser in the front of your head. Again, Francis recommends weekly wash days—as opposed to more frequent washing—since any more than that can dry out your curls. 

Type 3C It’s likely that with 3C curls, you may have a few textures going on—some might be a corkscrew and some might zigzag tightly. Either way, your natural textures tends to be coarse, says Kimble. Always handle gently, and make sure to detangle using a leave-in conditioner

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