ellënoire Hair Clips-ellënoire body, bath fragrance & curly hair

ellënoire Hair Clips

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For curly lift and beyond!

Traditional pin-curl clips as used in the Curly Girl Handbook to clip your crown and boost lift while drying your hair. Each tin contains 24 two-prong hair clips. 

Do you struggle to get volume at the root? Is your hair so heavy that your root is straight, and the ends are curly Try these curl clips! When your hair is still wet, after you have applied all your styling products you want to put these clips in and leave them in until your hair is 100% dry. Don't try to rip them out in a rush at the stop light because you risk ruining all your hard work! 

To put your clips in you don’t want to open them too wide! Just open them about halfway, and you’re going to want to place the side of the clip resting directly on your head. Place them along either side of the part like train tracks and a few across the crown area at the back. Leave them until your hair is dry and voila! Volume!