Collection: Damaged Curls

If you’ve spent days frantically researching how to get my curls back just in case they should ever fall flat, you’re not alone. Like a lot of misguided teenagers, I spent most of my life straightening my hair with chemicals and blow dryers in an attempt to get my hair as straight as humanly possible. Now that I wear my natural curl, I couldn't imagine not having that springy texture. The cruel reality of curly hair is that preventing your hair from losing its curl is much easier than getting it back.

Rough and dry hair is the first sign of heat-damaged curls. Heat styling tools like straighteners and blowdryers tend to dry out the natural oils and open the hair cuticles, which makes it impossible for your hair to retain moisture. Without moisture, your hair becomes dry and extremely rough.

Check out some tips below:

1. Don’t Over Shampoo

2. Take A Break From Heat

3. Give Your Hair Protein treatments

4. Cut Your Ties With The Damage

5. Hair oil is a must