Curly Hair Care

Are you still hiding the truth from the world? Maybe even from yourself?! Did you know that 75% of people worldwide naturally have curly or wavy hair?

The ellënoire boutique invites you to celebrate your curl with curly products and “Curly Girl” techniques offered exclusively by ellënoire professionals. No matter your age, curl type, or past with blowfrying, relaxing or the like we will teach you the joy of living frizz free! Still wanna straighten? Fine, but healthy curls straighten best! Learn how to love your curls, care for them, and set them free with techniques and products at the ellënoire boutique & salon.

Our goal is to simplify hair care for our curly clients into three easy steps:


1. CLEANSE with a choice from our many sulphate free cleansers(shampoo) 

2. HYDRATE with a daily conditioner to keep curls shiny and manageable 

3. STYLE with a Gel, a cream or foam or combination of more than one. 

 Let us help you find the perfect combination of products for your curly needs! 


Lorraine Massey, the original “Curly Girl”, started a movement – a love affair – for curly hair! Her CURL-volution has converted the "blow-fried" masses to curly girls who love their hair.  "embrace their curl". Lorraine wrote about her philosophy in a book called "Curly Girl". This book is now in its 2nd edition (with ellenoire being the only Canadian company mentioned in the book). DevaCurl eventually became a line of products designed specifically for people who choose to wear their curls in their natural state all or most of the time. The line was designed to offer what was suggested is best for curly hair in "Curly Girl".

Curly Girl inspired products are: sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free, and free of sticky, icky ingredients that cause buildup. All key elements to keeping hair naturally moisturized.

Our team of curly trained stylists and associates cut curly and wavy hair dry rather than wet so we can see how your curls fall naturally. Ellënoire was the first company in Canada to consistently carry the DevaCurl product line starting in 2003 and now we offer many other curly products to make everyday a perfect curl day


We offer an open door policy to help you get your curls to their best natural state and if you follow what the book says and/or what we teach there is no reason for you to have bad curls or frizz no matter what the weather.


When you visit the salon at ellënoire

What we will do

  • We will cut all hair types, for all ages and genders.
  • We will cut your curly or wavy hair dry so we can see how it falls according to the Curly Girl/DevaCurl philosophy
  • We will teach you how to use our sulfate free system so you can have perfect results at home
  • We will help you find a hairstyle that fits your style, and your lifestyle
  • We will dry your hair using only gentle hood dryers and state of the art curly hair dryers and diffusers
  • We will use only sulfate free and bubble free cleansers
  • We will use only silicone, petroleum & paraben free conditioners & styling products

What we won’t do

  • We will not chemically straighten your hair. Not now, not ever.
  • We won’t carve, slice, razor or tunnel your curls
  • We won’t rake, spin, twirl or otherwise change your natural curls’ shape


    At the boutique & salon we offer cutting, colouring and a special learning session where we take your hair from “wet to set” and show you how to live frizz free - forever! Let us prove to you that this is bar none the best curly hair system on the market. To see a menu of our current offerings or book an appointment at the salon please head over to our Curly Hair Salon Services page for more information.

    If you're still somewhat confused or need more detail drop by the salon today for a free consultation on how to best manage your curls.