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Curly Hair Products Canada

Curly hair has specific needs compared to straight hair which can be extremely challenging, especially in a world where hair professionals are not educated when it comes to natural texture. Our mission is to make it simple to appreciate, care for, and embrace your natural curl pattern by providing products and information that will help you maintain healthy, moisturized, bouncy curls! Naturally Curly offers curly hair products for everyone, regardless of curl type or texture, because no two curls are alike.

Naturally Curly Hair Products Canada

We're experts at ensuring you have all of the knowledge, products, and tools to keep your magnificent curls looking great.

We stock and suggest the following brands:

• The Original Moxie
• Deva Curl
• Curly World
• Aquis
• ellënoire

To complement our sulfate/silicone-free salon treatments, you'll find that all hair products at Naturally Curly Canada are free of sulfates and silicone. We recognize that curly hair isn't always easy to comprehend, so we've assembled a team of professionals to assist you. We can help you by completing a comprehensive assessment of your Curl type and recommending products best suited for your hair type.

Curly Hair Products for Natural Hair

Our curl products include natural ingredients that provide both moisture and protection for curls. This includes sunflower seed extract, which protects hair from UV rays and prevents dryness and color fading. Sunflower seed extract is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids which makes it amazing for use in products like DevaCurl’s Melt into Moisture. Nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter are also used in many of the curly hair products that we carry due to their incredible moisturizing effects.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair?

Our boutique welcomes you to celebrate your curls with curly hair products and "Curly Girl Method" techniques available only from the stylists. We will teach you the joy of living frizz-free with an incredibly low maintenance hair care routine regardless of your age, curl type, or previous experience with blow drying, or straightening.

Do you still want to straighten it out? That’s okay! We don’t expect you to never straighten your hair ever. It is important that you protect your curls even when heat styling, this includes ensuring that your curls are moisturized and using a heat protectant. At the curly hair shop, we can teach you how to protect, care fore, and love your curls.

Our goal is to break hair care down into three simple stages for our curly clients:

1. CLEANSE your scalp with one of a gentle non-stripping sulfate-free cleanser (shampoo)
2. HYDRATE your curls with a conditioner to maintain moisture, manageability, and shine.
3. USE a gel, cream, foam, or a combination of products to set and style your hair.

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Why Buy from Us?

Curls mean everything to us. We are passionate and driven to give all natural curl types the best products and treatments. Our ultimate goal is to help people with curly hair love themselves and their hair. All our efforts and products are directed to serve that mission. Our salon specializes in dry haircuts that complement natural waves, curls, and coils. Over the years, we have interacted with hundreds of women to make our products and services better.

Here are some of the reasons why Naturally Curly Canada should be your go-to curly hair shop.

◉ We are from Canada

Naturally Curly is a proud Canadian company. We buy and manufacture many of our products in Canada. We typically ship using Canada Post, so you can rely on our shipping to arrive on time.

◉ We have curls too

The products we carry are selected based on the quality of ingredients, scents, and the performance. They are even tested by our very own curly staff and friends!

◉ We accept feedback

We believe that improvements can always be made and feedback from our customers is paramount. We have open channels for people to send in their queries, feedback, complaints, and compliments. We are here to hear them all and make our products better. Our products should be on your wish list if you have any natural texture whether it is a wave, curl, or coil. Naturally Curly Canada products are the best option for achieving frizz free, bouncy, beautiful curls. Our products are the best choice you can make.

Contact us now if you want to know how we can curl up the magic for your curls. If you're confused or uncertain, we’re just a call or an email away. You can slide in our DMs on Instagram to link up on Facebook as well.