Curly Girl Method for Beginners

One thing you would surely agree on is that the curly girl method for beginners is not only challenging but also frustrating. You would have tried every version of the curly girl method possible, from the 100% strict version to the super lazy modified version. Still, it's not the time to give up now because here are some tips that will make the curly girl method easy for beginners.

curly girl method for beginners

More than one billion articles and videos are available on the internet revolving around the curly girl method. Still, it is challenging for a beginner to figure out how to start the curly girl method.

What do you need to know about the curly girl method?

Even though the specifics would differ, which means that someone with super tight coils might not follow the exact guidelines as someone will find waves. The idea behind the curly girl method for beginners is the same: you have to understand which best ingredients workout for you and what are the application methods for your exact hair type. You would also find out about your hair type. You must pop the natural wave girl or coil pattern to reduce fresh dryness and breakage.

Does the curly hair method make your hair curly?

The curly girl method will improve your natural curls or wave pattern. It means that when you use products under this method, like curly hair products, they cannot create curls on hair that is naturally straight or WAVY. The entire goal of the curly girl method is to get healthy, fuller, and more defined curls and check the max potential of what your hair texture can do. It means you already need a distinctive wave or curl pattern to start with.

Tips to start the curly girl method

Besides using curly hair products, you need first to follow the steps. You need to remember that nobody is forcing you today to stick with the curly girl method if it is too stressful. Additionally, you can also modify it by using the best DevaCurl Products Toronto.

Firstly you need to reset your hair after the wash

You can wash your hair with sulfate-loaded shampoo to remove the silicon and wax buildup in the strands.

Start cleaning

Besides washing your hair with ko wash or sulfate-free shampoo, you need to massage your scalp for at least 60 seconds before rinsing your hair. You can get the best shampoo from curly hair shop Ontario, Canada.

Condition your hair

You need a handful of conditioner, which you need to scrunch through your hair until it feels slimy or completely saturated. Then you can start detangling with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. You can rinse most of the conditioner but not all.


Scrunch a palmful of gel in the sopping wet hair from roots to tips. You can use DevaCurl products Toronto to make the most of styling.

You can scrunch the extra water from the hair with a cotton t-shirt and then air dry. Once the hair is 100% dry, you can scrunch it with your hands so that you can quickly get rid of the crunchy gel coating.

Things you need to avoid while doing the curly girl method

The curly girl method is all about cutting out the things which hurt your girls. Besides avoiding something, you also have to use the products from curly hair shop Ontario, Canada.

You can use products which heal, hydrate and improve.


It doesn't mean that you have to avoid shampoos. It just means that you have to use sulfate-free shampoo.

Heat tools

An occasional diffuser on low heat is okay, like a flat iron or curling iron.


Sulfate includes harsh detergents found in typical shampoo, which just end up stripping out the hair moisture and making your hair look like dry straw.


Silicon includes the polymers found in at least 90% of the products that quote your hair to give it a shiny finish. The majority of the silicones do not even dissolve in water and can only be removed with sulfates. Without sulfates, silicones would build up on your curls, leaving them dry, flat, and greasy. Read more.

Wax and mineral oil

It includes the majority of the waxes and mineral oils, which requires sulfate to remove, which means they would build up on the hair.

Towel drying your hair

Towels just rough up the hair cuticle and mainly lead to freeze or tangles. If you like curly hair, you would also like popping it, but it all depends on how you blow dryer hair.


One thing you must know is that the curly girl method takes a lot of trial and error and experimenting. It is going to make you feel utterly jaw-dropped at the beginning. You can follow the steps mentioned to get going with the curly girl method.

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