Introducing CurlyWorld!

Introducing CurlyWorld!

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Lorraine Massey has been an integral voice in the curl community for more than three decades, championing the case for natural hair and more—natural hair products void of any sulfates, silicones, and parabens.

In 1993, she founded Devachan the coveted curly hair salon, and a few years later created and co-founded the DevaCurl product line. Over the course...

Beat The Heat & Keep Your Curls Neat!

Beat The Heat & Keep Your Curls Neat!

Beat The Heat!

Summer is upon us again and it's time for you to debut your best looks and hopefully a killer cannonball at your next summer event! If you're getting in the water then read on for the straight goods on what you need to know to keep your day at the beach from turning you into a human pom-pom.

Chlorinated pool water has a very different effect on your hair than does ocean/salt water so we'll go over what works best in each instance, individually.


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