How to Take Care of Curly Hair

In our Natural Curly Hair Salon one of the things that we hear most often from new clients is “I don’t know how to take care of my curls”. This is an unfortunate reality for many people so we are here to help guide you!

care of curly hair

1. Use Water-Soluble Products

This means avoiding certain ingredients, these ingredients are Silicones, Sulfates, and Petroleum. The key to choosing water-soluble hair products is to read the ingredients to check for anything ending in “cone”, “sulphate”, or petroleum, petrolatum, or mineral oil.

Sulphates are harsh detergents that can strip away our natural oils, dry out our curls and even strip away colour which causes it to fade much faster.

Silicones and Petroleums have large molecules that coat your hair strand and prevent natural moisture from entering into the hair.

2. Use Curly Hair Specific Products

Curly hair and Straight hair have different needs, which means that not just any product will meet the needs of all hair types. Curly hair requires more moisture than straight hair, it also requires ingredients that provide hold and frizz control.

3. Use Conditioner!

Curly Hair needs moisture! Moisture helps close the cuticle, which makes detangling easier, helps control frizz, and makes hair shiny. We recommend conditioning two to three times a week.

4. Deep Condition!

This relates back to the fact that curly hair needs an incredible amount of moisture to stay healthy, shiny, and frizz free. We recommend deep conditioning once a week, you can use a treatment mask or even just your favourite water-soluble conditioner and olive oil. When using conditioner and olive oil; wet your hair, apply conditioner (do not rinse), then apply olive oil over top. Once your treatment is applied, wrap your head in a microfibre towel or old t-shirt for a minimum of 30 minutes, wash out when ready.

5. Avoid Excess Heat

This doesn’t mean never use heat. This means be cautious about your use of heat tools and avoid them when possible. We don’t often think about how hot our heat tools really are and how hot do they really need to be to work? Truth is, you can straighten your hair on a much lower heat setting than you think, this will help prevent damage.

6. Avoid Brushes

In our salon, we strongly suggest that you avoid brushing or combing your hair. This applies to both wet and dry hair; brushes cause the hair to frizz by irritating the cuticle and even cause breakage due to trauma to the hair from pulling created by the brush. We strongly recommend using your fingers to pull out any knots or tangles when your hair is wet with conditioner.

We hope these tips help you embrace your natural texture and help you live your best curly life!

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