Beat The Heat & Keep Your Curls Neat!

Beat The Heat!

Summer is upon us again and it's time for you to debut your best looks and hopefully a killer cannonball at your next summer event! If you're getting in the water then read on for the straight goods on what you need to know to keep your day at the beach from turning you into a human pom-pom.

Chlorinated pool water has a very different effect on your hair than does ocean/salt water so we'll go over what works best in each instance, individually.


First up - lets hit the beach!

If you're swimming in the ocean or a salt based swimming pool then you'll likely find the salt will leave your hair feeling very dry and brittle. Salt will pull all the moisture out of your hair - lucky for you it's easy to rinse out and replace that moisture with a deep condition treatment such as DevaCurl's Heaven in Hair. Just follow your regular routine of cleanser and then follow up with any one of these wonderful masks or deep treatment products to rehydrate and repair from your day in the sun:


Grab your water wings - we're headed to the pool!

Chlorine's effect on your lovely locks is much different than salt and as such requires a different recovery process. Your hair is much like a sponge and by nature is very porous, unfortunately the chlorine and trace heavy metals in your pool are are very attracted to the pores in your hair and will stay there until you kick em out. If you would like to neutralize the chlorine in a pH friendly way then try an apple cider vinegar rinse: dilute 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle with 2 parts fresh water as a perfect pre-wash before conditioner. Be sure to rinse the vinegar blend out thoroughly as you would any shampoo replacement/cleanser. Our best tip for getting a fresh start on your curls is Buildup Buster before your regular cleanse and conditioning routine. Once your hair is good and wet in the shower, apply a liberal amount of Buildup Buster and get to work scrubbing your hair from root to tip. Once you're done continue with your routine and follow up with one of these wonderful masks or deep treatment products to replace any moisture you may have lost:


Okay, but the shower with all my products is like 100 km away and I'm gonna be here all day, what the heck can I do now?!

We got your back! While these final methods won't make for the best beach selfies they'll ensure you're still curly for that dinner or campfire once the sun slips beyond the horizon.

Our somewhat less glamorous option is to deploy a swimmers cap. Before you slide it on, wet your hair with tap/bottled/fresh water then put a bunch of conditioner into your hair to seal in your curls and protect them the salt or chlorine. There, now you look like an Olympian ready to swim with the dolphins!

If the cap wont contain your hair and tangles are a problem for you when swimming then try braiding your hair before taking the plunge. Quite simply, braids will keep your hair from moving around and getting tangled up - ta-da!

If you're going to do your best Jacques Cousteau this summer and intend on spending countless hours in the ocean or pool then stop by ellënoire for all your curly hair product needs!
We have a fresh supply of travel sized bottles for all your favourite products so you'll never have to go without - plus our favourite natural summer sunscreens are fully stocked and ready to keep your skin safe!

Have fun out there this summer!

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